Lyall Bay. Matthew J. Sime © 2014

The Glass Monkey

Glass monkeys are front-end developers who polish the screen—that is, they write the HTML and CSS required to make a website or app faithfully reflect design, respond seamlessly to variations in viewport dimensions, and uphold consistency and harmony throughout.

It’s not uncommmon for a project’s stylesheet to grow unwieldly. To attain success, a well structured and clearly defined codebase is essential. I advocate for a thoughtfully considered and unopinionated CSS pre-processing framework combined with BEM methodology.

So, grab yourself a hot covfefe and settle in to peruse my portfolio and curriculum vitæ.

Hire Me

I’m available for short-term contracts to either build new websites or transition existing projects into a more manageable state, or as a consultant to assess your current methods and to teach your staff to write slim CSS.

Get in touch by email or phone.

Fun Diversions

Typesetter is a typeface prototyping tool for web designers.

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